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About Pearl's

Pearl's Pearls, located in Oklahoma City, OK  began in 1998.  Pearl's began as a hobby of picking up collectibles from yesteryear.  Some of the collectibles came from antique stores, some from auctions, some from garage and yard sales.

At the time of my mother's death, (her name was PEARL) I became heir to some Depression glass pieces that she had treasured all the years she had them.  After my retirement from the business world, I had time to browse at sales and auctions.  I noticed that some of the pieces  Mother treasured were collectible, so I began to add to her collection.  It didn't take long to run out of space in my home, as my newly found "hobby" had become an obsession.

When I ran out of existing shelving to put things, I had more shelving built.  When there was no more room to build additional shelving, I decided it was time to find an outlet for some of the items I had bought; hence, the beginning of Pearl's Pearls.  I had to have a name for my new venture, so because my mother, named PEARL, was responsible for the beginning of my "hobby" it was appropriate that her name be included in the name of my new venture.  With my husband's help, the name Pearl's Pearls was decided. I found I could not part with the Depression glass pieces so I began buying new giftware from various suppliers. 

At Pearl's you will find a variety of collectibles.  Just browse as long as you care to and contact me if you  have any questions.  Links to contact me are found at the bottom of each page.

To purchase merchandise from Pearl's Pearls:     

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    Immediate Purchasing with PayPal is now available.  

  I accept payment through PayPal!, the #1 online payment service! is my preferred method of payment, simply use the automated checkout. If you don't have a PayPal account, sign up now.  It's free and easy, just click on the link below.  

 I accept payment through PayPal!, the #1 online payment service!

To purchase using the PayPal Shopping Cart:  Click the "Add To Cart" button located next to each item you wish to purchase.  Click the "View Cart" button to increase item quantities, view your order, and to proceed to checkout. You may complete your transaction or continue shopping.  Shipping/handling & Sales Tax for OK residents will be calculated at check-out.

 I am also happy to accept money orders and cashier's checks, but no personal checks please.  If you prefer to pay by a method other then PayPal,  you will not be able to use the automated system.  Email me directly with your order and I will respond with the total including shipping, insurance and tax if applicable. 

Prices shown do not include shipping, handling or insurance.  If you use the shopping cart, domestic shipping/handling is calculated upon checkout. Shipping will be discounted for multiple item purchases.  Please contact me for the exact amount.  For international shipping, please contact me to verify an exact total as PayPal shipping may not be sufficient to cover global priority mail.  Oklahoma residents only are  responsible for sales tax of 8.375%.  Insurance is recommended for all purchases.  If you desire to add optional insurance, please note this in the comments section at checkout or email me for rates.   Merchandise is not always breakable but it CAN get lost.  If you do not choose to pay for insurance, I WILL NOT be responsible for breakage, damage, or loss by the shipper.  I use  US Postal  priority mail.  If you have a preference, you may say so.

If you are interested in buying, upon contacting me I will quote the full amount due, including all costs.  Shipping will occur within 48 hours of receipt of  your valid remittance  or  notification  from PayPal that you have paid them.   Shipping will be discounted for purchases of any 3 or more items.  Email me for the new adjusted total of your order.



Thank you for  browsing........I hope you find something you like.
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